Thinking of opening a bubble tea shop near your place?

Just like any business, starting a milk tea, bubble tea shop is no easy feat. That is why, we list down the things you need for a smooth ride towards the milk tea industry.

Your Bubble Tea Brand. Your brand says what type of milk tea you offer, what service you provide. Branding is important as this distinguishes you from the competition

Your Own Bubble Tea Recipe. There are of course standard types of milk tea recipes. However, this does not mean that you can deviate from the norm. You can try altering the recipes to fit your own taste, say add or lessen by a spoonful, or by mixing in other ingredients. Say, for the milk, try 90% cow’s milk and 10% soya milk. Whatever the recipe might be, make sure that you yourself find it enjoyable, pleasure to the taste buds, and the best there is.

Quality Bubble Tea Ingredients. Knowing which ingredients you need is just as crucial as you having found your own take on a classic or have discovered an experimental recipe. These ingredients will set you apart from the competition as these are what you use to create that yummy concoction. Take care that you will only use the ingredients of high quality but still of course within your budget.

Bubble Tea Supplies. Having a brand, the recipe, and the ingredients on check, now turn you focus towards the supplies. It might be as big as a sealing machine among many others, or it might be as small as the cups and straws your shop will use. A good milk tea shop always has excellent equipment, but of course they do not have to sweat on the small stuff such as the cups, napkins, and more, which carry their brand.
Bubble Tea Training. Most probably, you yourself will create the recipe, right? Passing on to your staff is another thing, they have to perfect it first before they can cater your customers. Make sure that your staff has proper training in handling the equipment and of in creating your one of a king bubble tea concoction.

A very reliable supplier. Your supplier is your partner in making this business venture a success. We at Boba Tea Direct pride ourselves in being a reliable wholesaler, we would want nothing more than to welcome you in our growing community.

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