Can I get a wholesale price list?

Yes, please send us an email to get the current wholesale prices. In the email, please include all the following information: contact name, business name, federal tax number, address, phone number, email address, and a short description of your business. We request this information so we can better serve you.

What is ‘stabilizer’ used for?

Stabilizer is used in ice-blended drinks. It enhances the taste and texture of ice-blended drinks and smoothies.

Do you carry cream powders and sour powders?

We currently only carry cream powders. Juice syrups are a preferred alternative over sour powders for smoothies, flavored teas, and other drinks.

Do I have to use fructose for my drinks?

Fructose is definitely preferred over regular sugar. However, you can also simply make a fructose-like syrup by mixing sugar (white or brown) with warm water. The ratio of water to sugar depends on how sweet you want it.

What’s the difference between the concentrated juice and the flavored powders?

Flavored powders are creamier, where as the concentrated juices have a fruit-like tang. Both can be used with or without tea. For ice-blended drinks, concentrated juices are preferred.

What is the shelf life of the products?

The powders have a shelf life of 12 months. The tapioca pearls (traditional boba) have a shelf life of approximately 6 months. The juice syrups have a shelf life of 12 months.

Do the bobas need to be refrigerated?

No, the bobas do not need to be refrigerated. Just keep them in a dry, cool area. Most bobas have a shelf life of 6 months, but if you want to make it last longer, you can put it in the refrigerator. However, please note that refrigerating may make the bobas a little harder.

How can I make the bobas sweeter?

After boiling the boba and draining the water, soak the bobas with either fructose, white/brown sugar, or a similar type of sweetener.

Why are the bobas too chewy or too soft?

Boba tea / bubble enthusiasts will all have different standards and preferences on how chewy or how soft they like their boba. If you want make the boba softer, cook it longer. If you want to make the boba harder, don't cook it as long.

Why are the juice syrups not uniform in texture?

Since the juice syrups are made from real fruit juices and pulp, sometimes it may not appear to be uniform in texture. This is a natural phenomenon as the pulp and juice bits tend to settle down in the bottle. For best results, shake well before serving.

What is the return policy?

Due to the nature of food-related items, no return on food products or opened items will be accepted. All approved return items will have a 20% restocking fee, with return shipping paid by customer. Since we try to process all orders as quickly as possible, we may not be able to cancel or modify an order after you have submitted it. In the event that the order is processed and not yet shipped, but you want to cancel or modify it, there is a $10.00 cancellation / modification charge. If we made an error with any order, please notify us within 7 days of receipt for a refund. Refunds will be sent to you via PayPal or a business check if requested.

How is shipping and handling calculated?

Shipping and handling is FREE within the 48 contiguous US states on orders above $2800. International shipping and shipping outside the 48 contiguous US states will be calculated separately. If you are outside the 48 contiguous US states, please inquire about those costs before making a purchase.

Why use PayPal?

PayPal is secure, user-friendly, and completely free for all US buyers. It allows payment via multiple methods (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, e-checks, bank accounts, etc.) and payment in multiple currencies. It's ease of use and integrated features for both buyer and seller make it our top choice. With millions of businesses in over 56 countries, and over 78 million members worldwide, we hope that you will also make it your choice. If you strongly prefer not to use PayPal, we can also arrange for alternative methods of payment.

When will my items ship?

In-stock items normally ship within 48-72 business hours after receipt of payment. Larger orders may take a little longer. We are committed to process your shipment in a timely manner.

When will my shipment arrive?

Shipments are made via FedEx Ground, which takes 3-5 days for delivery within the continental United States. All processed orders will include a confirmation email. If applicable, a tracking number will be provided so you can track the progress. Alternative shipment methods can also be arranged. For larger orders, we can also arrange delivery trucks.

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