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There is probably only a handful of people, if not totally none, that have yet to use a disposable cup in civilized countries. A disposable cup is a must-have particularly in the fast food industry considering that it is the most convenient way to pack a beverage. People who are always on-the-go can be seen with disposable cups in hand containing their daily caffeine fix, tea, milk, or other favorite beverage. Disposable cups are even becoming more and more important among household, especially those who love to have barbecues and other impromptu gatherings at home. Disposable cups provide convenience and easy-clean-up since one only has to throw them out and the cleaning is done.

Unfortunately, since there is an increasing sense of environmental awareness nowadays, a lot of people are slowly but surely becoming aware of the bad side of using disposable items/utensils, not only disposable cups. It is not difficult to get acquainted on this realty since disposable items particularly those made from non-biodegradable materials are piling up and filling landfills everywhere since they do not decompose until centuries have passed causing numerous environmental problems.

While a lot of individuals will conclude that constant use of disposable cups can hurt the environment it is important to note that only non-biodegradable cups harm the environment; that people actually have options to use biodegradable disposable cups. Here are just some of the upsides of using cups made from biodegradable materials:

Biodegradable cups are made from natural and renewable resources such as corn and potato, among others. This means that creating such cups are sustainable and beneficial to a lot of farmers and agricultural workers. Biodegradable cups can readily decompose unlike cups made from paper, plastic or Styrofoam. Typically, biodegradable cups can decompose in matter of thirty to forty-five day in a commercial composting facility while those that are non-biodegradable takes hundreds of years to even start breaking down. Biodegradable cups are able to tolerate heat up to 49-degree Celsius which makes it ideal for drinking hot beverages. Biodegradable cups have a plastic-like consistency; thus, providing the perks of using plastic cups without the harm it brings to the environment. Biodegradable cups are safe when placed inside the freezer and do not contain any allergens.

The list above contains just some of the top advantages of using biodegradable cups. It is important for disposable cups users to keep in mind that while enjoying convenience is a priority there should be some thinking involve in the process of acquiring disposable items. Ensuring the welfare of the environment should be a sufficient enough reason to purchase biodegradable cups instead of non-biodegradable ones.


One of the more important things that people need to prepare for when hosting parties and other events where food will be served or even for people who are in the food business, would be napkins. While not many individuals actually think of the importance of napkins when eating or preparing meals for guests or customers it would definitely come to mind once they have grease or stain on their lips or there are spills on the table. Instant cleaning during meal times is possible because there are napkins that are available. Regardless of the material, napkins are important and should be given more attention.

There are several things that one should be aware of about napkins, some of them include the following:

Napkins come in a variety of materials but the more popular ones are those made from cloth and paper. Napkins come in different sizes, designs, patterns, and shapes. Cloth napkins can be purchased in various colors and designs but the most popular is the traditional white, starched, perfectly square-shaped napkins that are usually used in formal events. White is the preferred color of most people when it comes to cloth napkins since it can complement any dinnerware and exudes freshness and crispness. In distant second are red-checkered napkins that give a French or Italian restaurant-vibe. Good cloth napkins are made from cotton. They are softer and more absorbent, making clean-ups so much easier. Paper napkins are even more diverse than cloth napkins as they come in a wide array of weight, colors, styles and quality – from rough to the velvety soft and smooth. Paper napkins are the most popular material for napkins especially among fast food places and coffee shops. Paper napkins have numerous advantages, for one it is convenient to use since one can readily throw it out after use, no need to wash or dry. Secondly, they are cheap and can be bought in bulk – no need to maintain and are available everywhere. Paper napkins come in various packaging that can address a variety of needs.

Napkins maybe often neglected during mealtimes but its importance and continuously increase in demand, specifically for those made from paper, cannot be denied when one will scrutinize how lucrative the napkin-industry is. People are usually not mindful of napkins but once the meal starts, one can never seem to carry on eating without getting hold of a napkin.





Times are different now. To avoid the financial rut, one must think of ways to earn more. Some people say that there are two ways to deal with financial problems and that is you either cut back on your expenses or just make more money. For some who aspire to provide more for their loved ones, it’s only natural to consider other sources of income, such as venturing into a business. A food business is one of the most popular options to explore because everybody consumes food daily. And if you are thinking of starting a restaurant business, you must not only have the food, service, and concept down pat but also how to cut back on the expenses as you push your business forward.

People have to be wise spenders especially if they are investing a significant amount of money. To put up a restaurant business, one must purchase food supplies, ingredients, and other materials in bulk. This is to ensure that you will get a discount every time you purchase. One might think that buying something small such as drinking straws, for example, wouldn’t make much of a difference but seasoned restaurateurs know wholesale straws are the way to go. It’s actually one of the things that can rack up the expenses if you’re not smart about it. Just think about it. You serve drinks to everyone who eats and almost all of the customers reach for the drinking straw dispenser.

There’s no need to feel problematic about it though. Nowadays, there are a lot of drinking straw manufacturers who offer wholesale straws for any type of business or occasion. Some wholesale straw suppliers even have hundreds of colors to choose from. Drinking straws may also be made of plastic or paper. You can even check out their spoon straws which are normally used for drinks like milk tea with jelly bits or pearls. There are also bendy straws that you can bend and adjust whenever you take a sip and cocktail straws if alcoholic drinks find their way to your menu. You also have the option to order individually-wrapped drinking straws. A wide variety of designs is also available especially now that manufacturers have found a way to make paper straws last longer. The most famous designs are polka dots, stripes, and chevron. These decorative paper straws are also popular among events management companies that realized drinking straws can also be table décor.

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