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Bubble Milk Tea and Boba Tea Training Classes at Bubble Tea Zone

Bubble Tea Zone is online retailer of the best bubble tea products in the U.S. It provides wholesale and retail distribution of bubble tea needs for home, events and parties, and bubble tea shops. Bubble Tea Zone offers wide variety of products and flavors to make bubble tea for personal enjoyment or for commercial purposes. In addition to providing the best quality bubble tea products, Bubble Tea Zone also offers training classes for people who want to learn more about bubble tea preparation and how to start a bubble tea business. Existing bubble tea show owners can also learn a lot of techniques and tips on how to manage their bubble tea business better from the training classes offered by Bubble Tea zone


Bubble Tea Training


Bubble Tea Zone offers hands-on classes on the preparation of bubble tea, snow fluff, and coffee. The aim of the training classes is to make participants succeed in their bubble tea business. The training classes also aim to expand the product lines of bubble tea shop owners.


Participants in the training classes will learn how to make smoothies, slushies, milk teas, and flavored teas that are the main staples of bubble tea shops. They will also learn effective ways of marketing their bubble tea shops. The training classes will show ways to make bubble tea shop employees run an efficient shop.


Bubble Tea Zone’s trainers are top notch in the business, having studied bubble tea making in Taiwan where bubble tea was invented. The trainers have been providing training to bubble tea shop owners all over the U.S. and other countries where bubble tea is popular. They had been providing valuable training to bubble tea businessmen and employees since 2002.


The 2-day bubble tea training program covers the following areas of bubble tea business:


Review of bubble tea products Review equipment in a bubble tea shop Preparation of perfect boba or tapioca pearls Techniques of brewing fresh tea Preparation of different drinks in a bubble tea shop Hands on training in a bubble tea shop Personalized experience in a bubble tea shop Advertising strategies Marketing strategies Business planning for a bubble tea shop Hiring and managing bubble tea shop employees Floor planning of bubble tea shop Customizing the bubble tea cups Designing business logo Menu preparation And many more topics related to bubble tea making and bubble tea business

The first training day covers the different theories in bubble tea making, business strategies, and individualized planning of how to set up a bubble tea business. The second day is devoted to hands-on training in a real bubble tea shop where the trainees will learn the preparation of boba, drinks, brewing fresh tea, and a personalized tour of a bubble tea shop.


For more information about the training classes, please contact:

Bubble Tea Zone

8600 Park Meadows Drive, Ste. 300

Lone Tree, CO 80124

Telephone: (303) 881-3655; (888) 881-8108


Thinking of opening a bubble tea shop near your place?

Just like any business, starting a milk tea, bubble tea shop is no easy feat. That is why, we list down the things you need for a smooth ride towards the milk tea industry.

Your Bubble Tea Brand. Your brand says what type of milk tea you offer, what service you provide. Branding is important as this distinguishes you from the competition Your Own Bubble Tea Recipe. There are of course standard types of milk tea recipes. However, this does not mean that you can deviate from the norm. You can try altering the recipes to fit your own taste, say add or lessen by a spoonful, or by mixing in other ingredients. Say, for the milk, try 90% cow’s milk and 10% soya milk. Whatever the recipe might be, make sure that you yourself find it enjoyable, pleasure to the taste buds, and the best there is. Quality Bubble Tea Ingredients. Knowing which ingredients you need is just as crucial as you having found your own take on a classic or have discovered an experimental recipe. These ingredients will set you apart from the competition as these are what you use to create that yummy concoction. Take care that you will only use the ingredients of high quality but still of course within your budget. Bubble Tea Supplies. Having a brand, the recipe, and the ingredients on check, now turn you focus towards the supplies. It might be as big as a sealing machine among many others, or it might be as small as the cups and straws your shop will use. A good milk tea shop always has excellent equipment, but of course they do not have to sweat on the small stuff such as the cups, napkins, and more, which carry their brand. Bubble Tea Training. Most probably, you yourself will create the recipe, right? Passing on to your staff is another thing, they have to perfect it first before they can cater your customers. Make sure that your staff has proper training in handling the equipment and of in creating your one of a king bubble tea concoction.

A very reliable supplier. Your supplier is your partner in making this business venture a success. We at Boba Tea Direct pride ourselves in being a reliable wholesaler, we would want nothing more than to welcome you in our growing community.

The Taiwanese introduced a popular iteration of the shaved ice, an ice dessert that had been around for many years. The traditional shave ice is made by shaving a block of ice and improved by adding different kinds of toppings. The toppings can be any of the fruits in season or some dessert items like custard, beans, or even ice cream.

The Taiwanese put a new twist to the shaved ice by reversing the process and creating a flavor-infused ice block. Flavors are added to the water before it is frozen to make an ice block. The flavor-infused block is shaved to produce soft and thin ribbons of flavored ice to be topped with fruits, nuts, and other assorted sweets. To make the concoction more flavorful, condensed milk is sprinkled on top of all the ingredients. The resulting product is a cross between the traditional shaved ice and ice cream. Called or xue hua bing in Chinese, the snow fluff has popped up in the different Taiwanese stores and shops that sell iced desserts and other cold delicacies.

Snow fluff, sometimes referred to as fluff ice in other countries, → Read more

Open Bubble Tea Shop – Bubble Tea Business Plan

The first time someone asked me to try boba tea or bubble tea, I admit I was not so open to the idea especially since the name was quite different and puzzling. However, it was not long before I found myself sitting in a bubble tea shop, wondering if I could make a business out of these wonderfully tasting drinks. I believed I could sell these fruit-flavored milk teas for a living; and I still do!

The boba tea drink has become quite poplar over the years. It goes by a lot of names and I am sure that you have at least heard of this creamy drink with “pearls” that you sip through a fat straw. It is also called tapioca pearl drink, pearl tea, milk tea, boba ice tea, bubble drink, bobanai cha, etc.

This drink has not been in existence for a long time; in fact, it is a fairly new invention. It was just created in the 1980’s but it was not long before this phenomenal drink had spread from Taiwan to other Asian countries. Currently, the fun bubble drink is enjoying booming popularity in the United States and other European countries. → Read more

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